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2020 Home Winners

And the Winner for Most Beautiful Home
for the 4th Quarter of 2020 is…

  • Homeowner: Ronna & Roy Luna
  • Address: Homeowners of 24581 Via Tequila

Every January, in years past, LFII has awarded 1 house as the most Beautiful House for the previous year. Over the years, acknowledgment ha s been given to the winning house. In 2020 it’s no different as the winning house is featured on this month’s cover. However, this year is different, in that we have come to realize that the award really belongs to the winning homeowner(s) as much as it does to the winning house. In that vein.. Meet Ronna and Roy Luna…shown standing in front of their showcase home. Ronna & Roy (R&R) are the homeowners of 24581 Via Tequila, the property just awarded as being LFII’s Most Beautiful Home of the Year for 2020. R&R bought their home in 1977 brand spanking new and are the original owners. At the time, Lake Forest pretty much ended at Trabuco, and their property was a vacant canvas. All the work done has been the product of their own creation…everything that has been done, they did.ngs.