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Rehabilitation Project

Upper Court Rehabilitation Project

So What Are The Problems With The Upper Courts…What Needs To Be Fixed?
There are numerous issues with the Upper Courts:
1) The subsurface of Court #3 has failed and the court is no longer playable;
2) The “Pro Shop” requires renovation;
3) With all the court play, inclusive of leagues, clinics, lessons and classes, for both adults and youths, there has been a long-time need for nearby restroom facilities;
4) The electrical & lighting system that serves the Upper Courts is outdated and inefficient;
5) Access control is limited;
6) Paths of travel are not compliant with current codes;
7) Pickleball play is impacted in that there are more players wanting to play than current court capacity allows.

So What To Do?
In Response, your Board of Directors has authorized a design engineering firm to develop preliminary/conceptual plans on how to address these issues.
These plans have a 3-fold purpose:
1) They allow Budget & Finance to estimate the costs and to determine the impact to the budget;
2) The City can review these plans for compliance w/ Code;
3) The Association can use the plans to inform Membership for their input into the process.
To reiterate, these plans are only conceptual and not for construction; no decision has been made as to any rehab efforts for the Upper Courts.


Town Hall PowerPoint Download from March 9th, 2020 – Click Here (18MB)

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