RV Parking Permits

RV Parking Permits

Section V of the Association’s Vehicle Rules states that recreational vehicles may not be parked within the Association without a temporary parking permit issued by the Association; and the permit must be clearly displayed on the street side of the RV for which the permit was issued.  Temporary Recreational Vehicle Parking Permits are issued at the Front Desk of the Sun & Sail Club, or can be requested online at least 2 business days in advance.

Homeowners/residents may obtain permits to park an RV (including travel trailers, motorhomes, mini-motorhomes, boats, and similar vehicles) for the following time periods:

…For 24 hours, up to a maximum of 4 permits per month, for the purpose of loading and unloading, and

…For a maximum of 4 consecutive days, 4 times per calendar year.

NOTE:  If you live on a public (City-owned) street* within the Association, you are also subject to the City of Lake Forest Oversized Vehicle Parking Regulations, which limits oversized vehicle size to 22 feet long, 90 inches wide at the widest part of the vehicle, 7 feet or less in height, no more than two axles, and 10,000 pounds in weight.  Parking is limited to loading or unloading persons and/or property, or in connection with a service, or to perform emergency repairs to the vehicle, for a maximum period of 72 consecutive hours.  (For complete regulations, visit City of Lake Forest, click on “How Do I” on the main menu, and select “Municipal Code”.  Click on “Title 12”, and scroll down to Section 12.16.070.)   The Association will not grant waiver permits (extensions of permitted parking time) for RVs parked on public streets.

*  City-owned streets:  All streets in Parkwood Estates, Lake Park West, Ranchwood, Park Place, Parkwood Estates II, and Prairie Ridge.  Some streets in Serrano Ridge (Hazelnut, Pewter, Loganberry, Chaparral).

Click here to request an RV parking permit at least 2 business days in advance.  If you need a pass sooner, please make your request in-person at the Clubhouse Front Desk.