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Request for Temporary Recreational Vehicle Parking Pass

Permits for recreational vehicles to be parked on City streets are in accordance with the Association’s vehicle/parking rules; however, the City of Lake Forest’s Oversized Vehicle Parking Regulations limit parking of oversized vehicles upon any public street in a “residence district” as follows: Any motor vehicle of a length in excess of 25 feet, as weight in excess of 10,000 pounds, or a width in excess of 90 inches at the widest point, is permitted to parkin in a residence district only while loading or unloading, or in connection with a service, or to perform emergency repairs to the vehicle, for a maximum period of 72 consecutive hours. In accordance with the City of Lake Forest regulations, the Association will not grant waiver permits (extensions of permitted parking time) for RVs parked on public streets. Occupancy of the described vehicle will result in revocation of the permit.

  • Please only use this online request form if you are requesting a permit at least two business days in advance. For immediate help in obtaining a parking pass, please make your request in-person at the Clubhouse Front Desk.
  • Recreational Vehicle Information: