Request for Dumpster/Storage Container Permits

Dumpster/Storage Container Permits

The Board of Directors has adopted a policy requiring permits for residential use of Dumpsters, mini-Dumpsters, and POD-type storage containers. The permit must be obtained at the Sun & Sail Club prior to the container being placed in front of the property.

Storage bins, (PODS), and Mini-Dumpsters, (3′ to 4′ in length), may not be used for long-term storage on-site. They must be removed within 21-days from date of delivery. Of longer-term storage is needed, utilization of an off-site storage facility is required. Bins must be placed on driveway whenever possible. If placed on street, reflective tape is required to warn cars of their presence. Containers may not be located on common areas or in designated fire or traffic lanes, and may not block public sidewalks or obstruct the access of other residents.

Dumpsters, (20 foot ‘Low Boys’ or regular large dumpsters), must have a permit, and will only be allowed for thirty (30) days from the drop-off date.
If more time is needed, the homeowner is required to obtain a new permit of each 30-day period, (which can not exceed more than ninety (90) days). A $25.00 per day fine will be assessed to the homeowner if permit has expired and the Bin / Dumpster has not been removed. If the dumpster is full, it must be emptied to prevent debris of building materials to be visible and/or fall onto the driveway or street. No graffiti of any kind is permitted on the dumpster or bin. To avoid damage to street, an 18″ x 18″ x 3/4″ plywood sheet must be placed under each of the footings. Placement should be a minimum of 6″ and a maximum of 18″ from the curb to allow for normal water flow in the gutter. Dumpsters may not exceed 20 feet in length.

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