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The WOODS Update Bonus
    The WOODS(Dept 78)
Neighborhood Update from the WRRC* *Woods Restoration/Renovation Committee
In May of this year, the Board approved a proposal to provide eucalyptus woodland tree health and structural evaluation services for approximately 5,162 eucalyptus trees located within The Woods. An ISA Certified Arborist Senior Urban Forester performed this assessment over a period of many weeks. The work consisted of a limited visual inspection, followed by a more thorough inspection of any trees identified as high-risk; those with obvious and significant defects such as soil heaving or lifting; unnatural lean; severe cracks or splits; forks, hangers, or wounds/cankers that are greater than 25% of the circumference; large dead or broken branches; obvious fungal fruiting bodies; and dead trees.
After the analysis was complete, the Association had a second review of the trees by a contracted ISA Certified Arborist. After updating the recommendations for tree trimming and tree removal based on the input of the second Arborist and additional inspections, the project was distributed for bidding with the intent to have the Eucalyptus tree removals done in early 2023. The plan calls for the removal of 66 trees which are currently marked with an orange ring around the base, all identified as having one (or more) of the issues above. At their Dec 14th meeting, the Board authorized the expenditure in an amount not to exceed $65,000 from The Woods (Dept 78) reserve funds to contract with EARTHCO to remove the identified 66 trees. The work is expected to start in early '23. Once the actual start work date is determined, an eBlast will be sent to Woods residents so advising them.
Over the last year, staff has been working with the Woods Renovation and Restoration Committee (WRRC) to prioritize areas of replacement and select types of trees to replant in areas in need. With their guidance, staff ran irrigation to previously “dry” areas of the Woods and planted 75 trees in 2022. Staff has worked with the committee and an Arborist to select a tree palette for replacement planting that will maintain the aesthetic and feel that so many Woods residents love. This list includes Live Oaks, various Pines, Brisbane Box, and others that will replenish the canopy over time. The WRRC’s goal going forward is to plant a minimum of 50 trees each year, with some occurring through community participation during the annual Earth Day Event.
It was just recently, in the Nov ‘22 issue of The MAINSHEET , that we announced the winner of THE BIRD WITH NO NAME ... HAWK NAMING CONTEST. After select- ing from a plethora of wonderful naming sug-
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 winning name for our resident hawk was “Anthony Hawk- his
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 It didn’t take long for others
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photo evidence to prove it.
 ...Thank you Wanda for sharing!!!...
   Also with thnde committee’s input, staff has repurposed The 2 annual Earth Day Event in the Woods,
 Eucalyptus branches for projects, including path and planter spotlighting the efforts of the WRRC and Lake Forest II staff in
borders. nd restoring the Woods, is scheduled for Saturday, April 22 . An
eBlast will be sent out in the future with tree adoption information and sponsorship opportunities for this event. Great things are happening in the Woods! Earth Day 2023 is an opportunity for LFII neighbors to come together and hands-on contribute to the Woods renovation. Put April 22nd on your calendars!

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