During the last few months, Lake Forest II has faced some challenges with the upper tennis court area; a damaged foundation under one of the courts causing unsafe conditions, old wiring ,inefficient and issue-prone lighting, a greater need for ADA accessibility, and the desire to control nonresident and guest access to the upper courts. The Board has designated an Upper Court Improvement Project Committee to look into making these fixes to the upper area while adding pickleball courts. This committee is comprised of staff, Board Members, pickleball players, and tennis players. We think this is a great plan; we can accommodate our growing numbers of pickleball players while addressing issues at the upper courts that are becoming pressing.

Q & A about the possible improvement project:
How will these improvements be funded? Lake Forest II has a Capital Account into which a small portion of monthly assessments, excess operating funds, and cell tower lease payments are deposited. This money is designated for Capital Improvements. The fund currently has about $600,000 for these projects. The Association also has about $2,400,000 in Reserves. This project could be funded by a combination of Capital and Reserve Funds. The Budget and Finance Committee is currently studying funding options in order to make a recommendation to the Board.