*** Monday, March 9 at 7:00 p.m. is the Upper Court Rehabilitation Project Town Hall – Click Here to see the Flyer ***

As Things Age, Maintenance Is Required To Keep Them Working As They Should…It’s True Of People, It’s True Of Infrastructure
So What Are The Problems With The Upper Courts…What Needs To Be Fixed?
There are numerous issues with the Upper Courts:
1) The subsurface of Court #3 has failed and the court is no longer playable;
2) The “Pro Shop” requires renovation;
3) With all the court play, inclusive of leagues, clinics, lessons and classes, for both adults and youths, there has been a long-time need for nearby restroom facilities;
4) The electrical & lighting system that serves the Upper Courts is outdated and inefficient;
5) Access control is limited;
6) Paths of travel are not compliant with current codes;
7) Pickleball play is impacted in that there are more players wanting to play than current court capacity allows.

So What To Do?
In Response, your Board of Directors has authorized a design engineering firm to develop preliminary/conceptual plans on how to address these issues.
These plans have a 3-fold purpose:
1) They allow Budget & Finance to estimate the costs and to determine the impact to the budget;
2) The City can review these plans for compliance w/ Code;
3) The Association can use the plans to inform Membership for their input into the process.
To reiterate, these plans are only conceptual and not for construction; no decision has been made as to any rehab efforts for the Upper Courts. A Town Hall for a Members update is coming soon…stay tuned.