The Woods Renovation and Restoration (WRR) advisory group, in cooperation with LFII and LFI has compiled a list of useful tabs under ‘The Woods’ page on the website.

To get there, from the homepage: click on the Stay Connected drop-down tab, then -˃ Neighborhood News, then -˃ The Woods. Once there you will discover a growing list of documents that we hope will be useful for our community.

Documents have been included on:

  • Bee Removal Services
  • OCFA Vegetation Management
  • OCFA Vegetation Management Guidelines
  • Eucalyptus Redgum Lerp Psyllid Information(withb updates)
  • LFII Tree Management Guidelines
  • LFII MAC Recommended Tree List
  • Woods Preferred Vendor Information
  • Welcome Letter to Woods residents

The above list includes recommendations and guidelines from OCFA as how to use landscape plantings as a strategy to reduce fire risks to your homes. Additionally, we have a list of Preferred Vendor Information for tree trimming companies. We have coordinated with these listed companies to ensure they understand and follow the LFII regulations for safe and beautiful Eucalyptus and high canopy tree maintenance. We developed this list as a courtesy to help in your tree maintenance decision- making process. We live in the Woods of Lake Forest and appreciate our beautiful urban forest and want to ensure the health of our trees. We recommend routine tree trimming and maintenance which results in strong trees and a healthy urban forest. All of the companies listed have agreed to fair and competitive pricing along with being aware of the revised MAC guidelines pertaining to Woods tree trimming best practices. As the Eucalyptus trimming moratorium comes to a close at the end of October, we always experience a flurry of trimming and beautifying.

To summarize best practice procedures for tree maintenance, MAC approval is mandatory year round for any removal of a tree over 6-ftl. This approval should be presented to the contracted Tree Company before work commences. If any tree is removed without MAC approval, the H/O will be required to replant a tree of eventual similar size and will be assessed a fine.
Please notify the Community Service Manager at 949-586-0860 ext 13 prior to trimming. Absolutely no topping or hat racking of any trees. There is a $300 fine per tree assessed to the homeowner if trees are hat-racked. Thinning or “lacing” is the preferred method of trimming Eucalyptus trees to maintain their height and canopy. Our objective is to encourage regular tree trimming, maintenance, and tree replacement so that our urban forest remains robust and healthy while adding diversity. We have compiled a list of recommended tree species for replacement on your lot. Our goal is to protect our unique urban forest neighborhood of beautiful tall, wide canopy trees throughout The Woods on private lots and in Common Area. Please consider adding a free to your lot this year to further our goal to restore and renovate our Woods!