Saying Hello to our new Maintenance Supervisor

Fortunately for us, before Luis Diaz retired after 40 years here at LFII, he first introduced us to Antonio Lariz, who shares the same strong work ethic as Luis, and more importantly an unparalleled expertise in landscaping. Antonio has spent the past 30-yrs in the nursery business in a supervisory position. He has experience with how to best manage a crew and he knows all about plants. He understands which plants will best suit specific areas, when and how to best plant and most of all he loves working with a variety of plant materials and watching them thrive. Antonio has become the perfect fit as the maintenance department continues the overall beautification program for our clubhouse grounds, The Woods, Forest Creek and Prairie Ridge as well as our extensive tree management program.

When asked about his experience, Antonio becomes very animated as he is extremely passionate about his work and being able to contribute in a very visual and meaningful way to our community. His love for nature and the outdoors is reflected in his hobbies and he enjoys rising early to watch the sunrise and the sunset. He loves history and enjoys reading and spending time with his beautiful wife, his daughter and granddaughter.

Antonio Lariz

Welcome Antonio…we are fortunate to have you join our team!