Comment: “The Association needs to stop allowing rentals as the quality of life in my neighborhood has decreased.

Answer: California Civil Code states Homeowner Associations cannot prohibit rentals that are over 30-days. Our governing documents were developed in the 1970s, and do not include any rental restrictions. The City of Lake Forest has restrictions on short-term rentals which also apply to our association; this policy can be found on their website under “Short-Term Rentals”. Although we cannot legally prohibit rentals that are contracted for over 30 days, we can enforce our guidelines and governing documents in an effort to maintain the aesthetics of the community. Please let us know if you have concerns about a home in your neighborhood, and we can inspect it. As always, if you see illegal activity in your neighborhood, please call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Comment: “In most cases enforcement is satisfactory but there are a handful of houses in our neighborhood that have fallen through the cracks.”/ Shabby looking houses or landscaping that clearly violate CC&Rs should be forced into compliance.”

Answer: We have over 3,400 homes and 2 Inspectors, so it is possible that a few violations are missed. However, it is also possible that violations you notice are already in the enforcement process. Each homeowner is entitled to due process, and the law dictates the timeline for this process. It does take time, and this can be frustrating to neighbors. The Association cannot force compliance, but we can use tools, like monetary fines, to encourage compliance. In extreme cases, the Association can file a lawsuit against a homeowner for noncompliance. This process can take years and could eventually result in a court order allowing the Association onto the property to make repairs. Without the court order, we cannot legally enter private property to correct violations like lawn mowing, trimming, paint, fascia, or roof repair. The Board of Directors decides if pursuing the lengthy and costly legal court order is a prudent use of Association funds. Although enforcement actions are legally confidential, please reach out to your inspector if you are concerned about a home in your neighborhood. We appreciate the assistance, and any contact can remain confidential.

Question: “Why doesn’t the HOA do elections online to save money?”/ ”Why do elections cost so much?”

Answer: We’d love to use online voting to save us all time and money, but the California Civil Code legally requires homeowner associations to use a paper double envelope system for elections, known as a secret ballot, thus prohibiting online voting. There are strict requirements on elections, including what notices must be posted and mailed, how the process is handled, who can serve as Inspector of Elections to oversee the election, and so forth. With 3,436 homes our elections are labor intensive and costly to meet these California legal requirements.