Question:: “I noticed a number of drones in the sky near the fireworks. Is this allowed?”.

Answer: FIREWORKS AND DRONES DO NOT MIX.Our show was ALMOST HALTED because drones were flown in the area of the shoot. We have already been informed that OUR SHOW WILL BE STOPPED NEXT YEAR IF DRONES ARE IN THE VICINITY, by both OCFA, who has an inspector on site all day, and PyroSpectaculars, our pyrotechnic company. We are requesting the community’s help with this as it would be so upsetting to all to have to stop the fireworks show mid-process.

Comment: “How much $$ does LFII spend on July 4th?”

Answer: Each year, the MHOA is required to obtain permits prior to hosting the event. We get 3 permits from the City: 1) Building Dept – for the tents/canopies; 2) Planning Dept – for, a Special Event Permit; 3) Public Works – an Encroachment Permit to allow parking along Lake Forest Dr. We get 2 permits from OCFA, for the fireworks and for the tents and canopies. We need the Health Dept approvals for the food trucks and the cocktail bars. Lastly, we get a permit from ABC to allow us to sell alcohol from our grounds. All together, these permits and required documentation cost in excess of $12K. The July 4th event is a huge undertaking each year. The MHOA spends around $100K/yr for it, with the most significant expenses being the fireworks show, security staffing, tent and table rentals, and entertainment. Revenue from July 4th comes from sales of guest wristbands, alcohol, a portion from the food trucks, and cabana rentals. As this revenue totals around $60K, this means that the MHOA loses about $40K each year it hosts the July 4th fireworks show. We had around 7,200 members and their guests attend the July 4th event this year. This was the highest number in attendance since 2018, so we are finally back to pre-pandemic numbers. All MHOA staff works on the 4th, plus an additional 50 security guards and 10 temporary employees. Your LFII staff spends many hours getting reading for the large July 4th event, and reverting back to normal business operations afterward. The Event Planner, Shel Gloudeman, started planning this year’s event last year, and has already begun planning for 2024.
Thank you for everyone who makes this event a success each year. Our staff, the Board of Directors, and our members all come together and make each year better than the last.