Victor Romero & Norma Amezcua receive Certificates Honoring Years of Service

Norma Amezcua…Housekeeping Supervisor…10 years

Norma, our Housekeeping Supervisor, is in charge of ordering cleaning supplies and helps to keep things organized around the Clubhouse. Her most important function is as the ‘clubhouse Mom’, in being the glue that holds everything together. She is the one others turn to for training and in getting things organized. She pushers for excellence, and runs a tight and solid ship. Her previous employment was as an office manager for a pediatrician.
Norma loves to cook, especially Pasole, and she loves to share her delicious food. Among her favorite pleasures in life are adult coloring for relaxation and volunteering for her church for various causes. She adores her two grandchildren, a boy and a girl, and loves watching his playing basketball and her competing in gymnastic, and helping them however she can.
Norma likes to watch all sports, especially the Lakers, and her favorite music is contemporary. Phil Collins is a favorite, and has been to many of his concerts over the years.
As with Victor, Norma also enjoys working at the LFII because of the Members and her fellow employees. She is a great Team member.
CONGRATULATIONS on your 10 years of service!
Norma Amezcua, left, being presented her ‘Certificate of Achievement’ for 10 yrs. of service from Maintenance Manager Bud Finch, right.

Victor Romero…Housekeeping…15 years

Victor Romero, right, being presented his ‘Certificate of Achievement’ for 15 yrs. of service from Maintenance Manager Bud Finch, left.
Ever notice how sparkling clean our Clubhouse always looks? That is all because of Victor. Keeping our own homes clean is a daunting task for most of us, so imagine the task Victor faces in doing the same for our 18,000 sq. ft. Sun & Sail Club, plus the adjunct Fitness Center and Youth Center buildings. Yet, he does it, each and every day, entranced in his cleaning chores, always with a smile on his face.
Displaying his strong work ethic, for many years Victor worked a second evening and weekend job in the restaurant industry. He had to give that up because of the impacts to the restaurant industry due to the COVID pandemic. He is waiting to see what the future holds in a potential return to food service with the optimistic hope that life will return to normal sometime this year.
The silver lining is that this extra free time allows him the opportunity to enjoy his passions: red Enchiladas, flan, following his favorite sports team – the Angels, listening to alternative or classical music, watching action movies, walking on the beach and his greatest passion –spending time with fiancé Courtney and their dog.
When talking to Victor, he explains how he really enjoys working at LFII, primarily because of the people he is able to associate with, being it club Members or other staff. We are indeed lucky to have Victor on our team.
CONGRATULATIONS on your 15 years of service!

Luis Paz…Clubhouse Grounds…40 years

Facts about Luis:

  • Luis’s starting wage 40 yrs ago was $4/hour;
  • You will always find Luis with a nice smile and a happy greeting as he goes about his many chores around the Clubhouse grounds;
  • He has seen the Club grow from 3 pools up to 5, along with the addition of many buildings;
  • As a LFII employee, he has learned to repair many things, and is very good at electrical, plumbing, pool equipment, irrigation repairs, and painting;
  • In addition to his work at LFII, he also maintains the yards for 65 homes,
  • When Luis is not working, he enjoys time with his wife taking walks, going out to a favorite restaurant, and shopping; he enjoys family events and parties; he is extremely proud of his 2 sons, one of whom lives in Aliso Viejo, while the other is studying film making at Columbia University;
  • Luis’s favorite sport to watch is boxing; Chinese is his favorite style of food; he loves 80’s rock n roll music, and is especially fond of George Michael from the band Wham!

In conclusion, Luis is an all-around fabulous guy, and LFII is indeed lucky to have him here as an employee — and as a friend.
CONGRATULATIONS on your 40 years of service!

Norma Amezcua, left, being presented her ‘Certificate of Achievement’ for 10 yrs. of service from Maintenance Manager Bud Finch, right.