Is ‘BILL PAY’ Causing Assessment Payment Headache?
Did you know that 95% of payment issues our office encounters are because of online bank payments? Banks use 3rd party service vendors to cut and mail checks to us from all over the country – this process is NOT electronic. This sometimes can result in mailing delays or even lost checks. Also, every year we mail hundreds of statements to homeowners using online bill pay asking them to update their payment amounts. We offer several superior methods to avoid these payment headaches.
Most homeowners pay their monthly assessment via ACH automatic withdrawal. This is a free service and the most efficient way to make payments. Just fill out the form below and we take care of the rest.
Also, you can also set up recurring payments via eCheck or credit card (there is a small fee for credit card transactions). Go to our website at, and on the home page scroll down and select “Make a Payment.” This will direct you to a payment portal where you can log in and set up electronic payments for any day and from any bank account you want (however, please be aware that when using this payment method, if your assessment amount changes, you will need to manually update your payment amount to reflect this change). Never pay late fees again and no more banking headaches!


I hereby authorize Lake Forest II MHOA to initiate a debit entry from my checking account as indicated below on the first business day of each month for my monthly assessment payment. I acknowledge that the origination of ACH transactions to my account must comply with the provisions of U.S. law and may be adjusted upon any increase in assessments with prior notification to me. This authorization is to remain in force until Lake Forest II MHOA has received written notice from me of its termination or by the sale of my property in such time and in such manner as to afford LFII and bank a reasonable opportunity to act on it. LFII has the right to revoke this authorization in the event of stop payment on a draft without notification, account closed without prior notification, and/or one insufficient funds draft in one year.
To ensure proper implementation, please send a voided check with this form and allow 30 days to process this request. Your account balance must be current before your first withdrawal can begin.