MAC Application

Home Improvements

Any homeowner planning to make any improvement that alters the exterior appearance of his/her property (house, front yard, side yard or backyard), must first file an application with the Master Architectural Committee (MAC).*

“Improvement” includes construction or modification (including painting) of houses, garages, carports, roads, driveways, parking areas, screen walls, fences, stairs, decks, hedges, windbreaks, lawns and ground-cover, planted trees and shrubs, pools and spas, docks, signs, central air conditioning equipment, water softener fixtures, and other structures or landscaping visible from or affecting adjoining or common area property.

*Click here  to access the MAC Architectural Guidelines, the MAC Application Form, and lists of approved home colors, roofing materials, artificial turf guidelines, and more–as well as the Lake Forest Keys’ approved colors, etc.

If you have any questions, please contact Linda Weng-Trotter, Architectural Coordinator, at 586-0860, Ext. 15, or

*NOTE:  Owners of homes in Sub-Associations who are planning improvements must first get approval from their respective Sub-Association before applying to the MAC.  Click here for Sub-association contact information.