Lake Forest II MHOA

California law gives homeowners have the right, under certain circumstances, to inspect and copy the Association’s membership list, including Members’ names, property addresses, mailing addresses, and email addresses. Homeowners may opt out of the sharing of their personal information by notifying the Association they prefer to be removed from the membership list available for distribution. Please complete the information below if you do not want your information shared with other homeowners. You can also email the information below with your request that your personal information be removed from the membership list to This opt out will remain in effect until you notify us otherwise; if you have previously opted out you do not have to do so again. The Association will still contact you with official business.

  • Please fill out this form to Opt-Out of having the Lake Forest II MHOA share any of your personal information.
  • Please check Yes if you prefer not to share your information to other homeowners as allowed by California Corporations Code section 8330.*