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Welcome to the one-stop center for all your document needs. You can open any folder or document simply by clicking on the item. When you reach the document of interest, you can download it to your computer, print it, or view it on-line.

Architectural Improvements
Architectural (MAC) Denial: Appeal – Application Form
Architectural (MAC) Application
Architectural (MAC) Checklist
Architectural Compliance Policy
Architectural Guidelines – Lake Forest Keys
Architectural Guidelines – Master Association
Artificial Turf Guidelines
Drainage – Through-Curb Drain Installation Instructions
Paint Discounts for LFII Homeowners
Roofing Materials – Master Association

The attached document lists the types of roofing materials that have been approved by the MAC for selection by homeowners. You still must submit a MAC Application to receive approval for new roofing on your home.

Paint Colors – Master Association
Tree Removal Regulations
Architectural Improvements – Master
Architectural (MAC) Application
Architectural Guidelines – Master Association
Paint Colors – Master Association
Tree Removal Regulations
Architectural Improvements – the Keys
Architectural (MAC) Application
Architectural Guidelines – Lake Forest Keys
Paint Colors – Lake Forest Keys
Automatic Dues Payment Authorization
Committee Volunteers Policy/Application
MAC Application Form
Member Complaint Form
The “Procedure for Complaints” is in the “Rules and Policies” file on this page.

Opt Out of Membership List Disclosure
The “Procedure for Complaints” is in the “Rules and Policies” file on this page.

Homeowners Information Guide
Homeowners Information Guide

The Mainsheet is available for viewing online.

About The Mainsheet
Display (Business) Ad Form with Sizes & Prices
Mainsheet Mission Statement
Publishing Guidelines for Display (Business) Ads
Residents’ Ad form
Membership Office

The Membership Office is the place to go for Membership ID photos and cards, escrow matters, Guest Pass punch cards, and to make arrangements for Club privileges for house-sitters, babysitters, additional residents in your home, and tenants, or to relinquish membership.  The Membership Office is located upstairs at the Sun & Sail Club.  Contact Membership at  (949) 586-0860, Ext. 17, or  Membership Office hours vary daily for to meet the needs of homeowners with differing schedules.  Please see the monthly schedule on the home page of this website, in your monthly Mainsheet, or posted at the Front Desk of the Clubhouse.

Below are some forms for your convenience:

Additional Resident Form
Babysitter Form
Guest Pass Card Form

This form must be used for the purchase of Guest Pass Cards beginning January 10, 2019

Homeowner Membership Form & Agreement
House Guest Pass Registration Form
House Sitter Card Form
Lake Forest II Membership Policies
Long Term Guest Pass Registration Form
Property Rental/Homeowner Relinquishment Form
Rules and Policies
Abuse of Association Staff/Other Members
Adult Lounge Guest Policy
Alcohol Consumption Policy
Animal Control
Appeal of Architectural (MAC) Denials
Architectural Compliance Policy
Artificial Turf Guidelines
Basketball Practice Policy
Bid Policy
Bounce Houses & Other Entertainment Rentals
CC&R Chronic Violator Policy
CC&R Enforcement Policy
CC&R Violation Categories & Fines
Committee Volunteer Policy/Application
Common Area Wall Policy
Complaint Procedure

The “Member Complaint Form” is located in the “Forms” file on this page.

Delinquency Policy
Election Rules

The “Member Complaint Form” is located in the “Forms” file on this page.

Fine Policy and CC&R Enforcement Procedures
Fire Prevention Policy
Fire Prevention Policy for The Woods
Fitness Center Rules
Guests: Non-Member Club Access
Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR)
Locker Room & Sauna Rules
Motor Vehicles Prohibited in Common Areas
Neighbor to Neighbor Policy
Payment Plan Policy
Pickleball Rules
Pool Rules
Smoking Policy
Storage Bins / “Bag” Dumpsters / Mini-Dumpsters Policy
Surveillance Camera Security Policy
Tennis Guest Policy
Tennis Rules
Tree Preservation & Planting Policy for The Woods
Vehicle Rules

There are five Sub-Associations within the Lake Forest II Master Homeowners Association:

  • Lake Forest Keys
  • The Oaks
  • Lakeside Park
  • Serrano Woods
  • Villas del Lago

Streets and/or common areas located in a Sub-Association are maintained by that Sub-Association, and owners of properties within that Sub-Association pay an additional assessment for these services.  The Master Association’s basic dues are not used to support the maintenance of any streets or common areas in any Sub-Association tract.
Sub-Associations having their own private streets are The Keys, The Oaks, and Serrano Woods.  Lakeside Park has public (City-owned) streets.

Sub-Association Contact List
CC&Rs and Enforcement
CC&R Violation Categories & Fines
CC&R Violation Enforcement – Time Line Guide
Fine Policy & CC&R Enforcement Procedures
Vehicle Rules

To view Lake Forest II financial information, simply click on the desired document.

Master Reserve Study
Annual Association Budget – 2018
Annual Association Budget – 2019
Annual Association Budget – 2020
Automatic Dues Payment Authorization
Governing Documents

The Governing Documents folder contains the Lake Forest II Master Homeowners Association’s Articles of Incorporation, By-laws, and Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions (CC&Rs).
The governing documents are available for purchase through

Articles of Incorporation
The Articles of Incorporation, certified April 16, 1971, establishes the Lake Forest II Master Homeowners Association as a non-profit corporation under the General Nonprofit Corporation Law of the State of California, and sets forth the purposes and powers of the Association.

The By-laws, adopted by the Board of Directors on April 30, 1971, are the guidelines for the operation of the Lake Forest II Master Homeowners Association. The By-laws define the duties of the various officers of the Board of Directors, the terms of the Directors, the membership’s voting rights, required meetings and notices of meetings, and other matters.

The Master Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) is the the legal document that set up detailed guidelines for the operation of the Lake Forest II Master Homeowners Association. This document was executed on October 19, 1970, by the Occidental Petroleum Land & Development Corporation, and recorded by the Orange County Recorder’s Office on October 29, 1970. The Master Declaration of CC&Rs has been amended four times (1971, 1973, 1975, 1978) by vote of the Association membership.

Lake Forest II MHOA Map & Street Lists
All Streets in Association (Listed by Neighborhood)
All Streets in LF II (listed alphabetically)
Map of Association
Neighborhood Profile

This is an overview of relevant tract/development data for each of the LF II Neighborhoods.

Park Place

Property Listings

List of All 14 LF II Neighborhoods
Map of LF II Neighborhoods
Street Sweeping Schedule
Street Sweeping Schedule
Tract Rep Program
About the Tract Rep Program
Emergency Preparedness Suggestions
Frequently Asked Questions – Neighborhood Concerns

This document is a valuable resource to assist Tract Reps in answering their neighbors’ questions and relaying accurate information. It’s also handy for homeowners to access on their own to find the information they need.

Tract Rep Chairpersons
Trash Collection Schedule
Trash Collection Schedule