Boards & Committees


You may direct written comments to the Board by mailing or bringing them to the Association offices at 24752 Toledo Way, Lake Forest, CA 92630. You may also contact the Board via the Association’s General Manager, Alisa Woolsey, at 586-0860, Ext. 11, or She will be happy to assist you.

President: Jim Richert

Vice President: Dennis Freed

Treasurer: Tom Ludden

Director: Jolene Fuentes

Director: Justin Kirk

Director: Paul Coulter

Director: Sonny Morper

Meeting Agendas - 2020
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 06.03.2020
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 06.03.2020
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 05.06.2020
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 05.06.2020
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 03.04.2020
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 03.04.2020
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 02.05.2020
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 02.05.2020
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 01.08.2020
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 01.08.2020
Meeting Agendas - 2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 12.04.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 12.04.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 11.06.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 11.06.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 10.02.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 10.02.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 09.04.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 09.04.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 08.07.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 08.07.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 07.10.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 07.10.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 06.05.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 06.05.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 05.01.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 05.01.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 04.03.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 04.03.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 03.06.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 03.06.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 02.06.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 02.06.2019
Board Agenda: Special Meeting 01.17.2019
Board Agenda: Executive Meeting 01.09.2019
Board Agenda: Regular Meeting 01.09.2019
Meeting Minutes - 2020
05.06.2020 Regular Meeting Minutes
03.03.2020 Regular Meeting Minutes
02.05.2020 Regular Meeting Minutes
01.08.2020 Regular Meeting Minutes
Meeting Minutes - 2019
12.04.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes

11.06.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
10.02.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
09.04.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
08.07.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
07.10.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
06.12.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
06.05.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
05.01.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
04.03.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
03.06.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
02.06.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
01.09.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes
11.06.2019 Regular Meeting Minutes


The following are committees appointed by the Board of Directors. If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, watch for a “Volunteer Help Wanted” item on this website or in The Mainsheet. If there is a vacancy on a committee, please go to the RESOURCE CENTER and click on “Forms” to access the “Committee Volunteers Policy & Application”.

2020 Election: Candidates Statements


For information about the MAC, Architectural Guidelines, or MAC Application forms, contact Linda Goold, Architectural Coordinator, 586-0860, Ext. 15, or

Chairman: Ken Hedge

Member: Donna Negin

Member: Roger Sonnenfeld

Member: Ken Edwards

Alternate: Janet Fordunski


For information about or to contact the Hearing Board, please contact Community Relations Manager Jenny Mucha, 586-0860, Ext. 13, or

Chairman: Allison Wilson

Member: Jack McFadden

Member: Richard Piecuch

Alternate: Steve Backer


For information about Association financial matters or the Budget & Finance Committee, please contact Cindy Christenson, Finance Manager, at 586-0860, Ext. 18, or

Chairman: Chip Clark

Member: Larry Lee

Member: Jim Segner

Member: Bob Felsenfeld

Member: James Owens

Member: Adrian West

Member: Thomas Tan