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About the Mainsheet

About the Mainsheet

The Mainsheet is the Association’s monthly newsletter, containing news, announcements, Board of Directors meeting summaries, recreation, activities, events, classes, contact information, official notices from the Association, emergency preparedness and fire prevention information, the monthly events calendar–and much more! The Mainsheet is mailed to all Association members, arriving in mailboxes on or before the 1st of every month.

Beginning with the January, 2017, issue, The Mainsheet is also available on this website.
Just click here to view or download an issue.


Because of the newsletter’s wide circulation (3,436 Lake Forest II homeowners, plus tenants, advertisers, and others), and its month-long “shelf life”, it offers a great advantage to local advertisers. This advantage is extended by the fact that The Mainsheet is now available on this website (select “Stay Connected” on the Main Menu).

We accept Display (Business) Ads; and Residents’ Ads (restricted to Lake Forest II residents who offer part-time services or items for sale). To find out more about advertising in The Mainsheet, including prices, click here.

The deadline for submitting your completed ad form, payment, and ad copy is the 1st of the month prior to the issue month (for example, August 1 for the September issue). Note: Please contact Bruce Cook at 586-0860, Ext. 12, or, to inquire about space availability before submitting anything!