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2019 Home Winners

Up Close & Personal | Ronna & Roy Luna

Every January, in years past, LFII has awarded 1 house as the most Beautiful House for the previous year. Over the years, acknowledgment ha s been given to the winning house. In 2019 it’s no different as the winning house is featured on this month’s cover. However, this year is different, in that we have come to realize that the award really belongs to the winning homeowner(s) as much as it does to the winning house. In that vein..
Meet Ronna and Roy Luna…shown standing in front of their showcase home. Ronna & Roy (R&R) are the homeowners of 24581 Via Tequila, the property just awarded as being LFII’s Most Beautiful Home of the Year for 2019. R&R bought their home in 1977 brand spanking new and are the original owners. At the time, Lake Forest pretty much ended at Trabuco, and their property was a vacant canvas. All the work done has been the product of their own creation…everything that has been done, they did.

The front yard was originally sloping, but R&R pg a front courtyard look. Inspired by looking at other model homes, and looking at lots of pictures in home improvement magazines, their design plan was to flatten out and tier the front yard, with the lower level at the sidewalk, and the upper level to be the front courtyard. Also, the original construction of the house had a roof overhang covering the porch. Their decision was to remove the overhang to “open up” the look of the front yard and to let in more light. Over the years, they have tweaked the look of the front yard by upgrading the brick, the walkway, and the driveway. For reasons including response to the drought, less maintenance, and the widespread lousy soil in LFII for growing things, especially grass, R&R replaced their front lawn with artificial turf, and are pleased with the “eternal green” look of their front yard. The house, built by JM Peters, is 2-story, with 3 bedrooms & 2½ bathrooms. The original size was 1892 sq ft, but in 2007 R&R did a 300 sq ft addition to completely renovate their kitchen…in which they are shown sitting as they display their winning prize…a HOME DEPOT gift card.
Roy is a trained CPA and works as the Exec VP for Viant Technologies, an internet advertising firm. Ronna does not work outside of the home, but, as admitted to by Roy, is the inspiration and creative genius for the look of the home, both inside and out. When R&R moved in, there were no kids or pets. They have since raised their kids & pets, and are now back to where they started…but they have no intention of moving. They have spent too much time fixing up the house just the way they want, and can’t imagine living anywhere else. We’re glad.